“My name is Bob Tripp and welcome to my website!!”

My intent for this space is to provide you with information about myself and the conditions of the greater Portland and Lakes Region real estate market. With so much volatility over our personal finances these past few years I have made it my job to reduce the stress of my clients and help guide them through what has become a very complicated and potentially risky process of buying or selling a home. As you will see in the upcoming pages my role as a broker has changed dramatically over the past decade to more of a marketing consultant, negotiator and transaction manager. With the rapidly changing times of the internet and the continuing revamping of the countries mortgage and finance systems comes a new level of responsibility I have to all of my real estate clients. I am aware of these challenges and get up every day to meet them head on. By staying current with these trends I am able to offer my clients the best most sophisticated tools and information in the industry. Knowledge is power and that knowledge allows my clients to make great decisions that produce positive results.

I believe that every person I meet has a unique case of circumstances that need to be understood and factored into all decisions. I also believe that people know what is right for them based on information they attain, dissect, put into action and then review. As your consultant you will be getting 100% of the knowledge that I have worked so hard to attain through years of experience and study. I will also provide you with as much knowledge about a property as I can possibly acquire through public records and personal investigation.

Thank you again for visiting and please continue to look around.

                                                                                                         Bob Tripp